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220v Outlet Installation

The 220v Outlet is the simplest approach for eliminating the potential for electric shock in your residential or commercial building. So do you need 220v Outlet Installed? In South El Monte, GrandUSA Electric offers professionals electric services. When it comes to upgrading the electric outlets, we will be glad to serve you. Our professional electricians shall advise you on the best electrical outlets for different application areas. In addition, we advise our customers on what to look for to determine the best 220v outlets. Our electricians will be available right when and where you need them. We also adjust accordingly to ensure that we fit to the client’s schedule. In order to do this, we offer a 24-hour response and are available through the weekends and the holidays. Contact GrandUSA Electric, the most reliable electricians in South El Monte area. We also help our customers with repair and replacement of the 220v outlets.

EV and Tesla Charging Stations Installation

At GrandUSA Electric, we are always ahead of technology. our technical team stays alert to upcoming technologies making us a leading electrical company in South El Monte. One of the technologies where we have really shown our potential is electric vehicles. We install EV charging stations for different electrical vehicles including Tesla. For installation of the Tesla charging station, contact GrandUSA Electric.
GrandUSA Electric is a fast growing electrical services company. We offer the best electrical services in South El Monte. Call us today on (805) 742-4493 and enjoy a huge saving on electrical services installation and repairs.

Electrical Inspection
Smoke Detector

Installation of Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector is becoming one of the most important components in order to completely secure your home. In fact, when buying a home, the first thing to check in regards to security is a smoke detector. Given the important role played by the device, it is important you ensure experts install it. GrandUSA Electric offers professional services when it comes to fitting the smoke detector in your home or office. If you want to protect your home and family from dangers of smoke and fires, start by installing a smoke detector.

Ceiling Fans Installation and Repair Services

The ceiling fans offer a low-cost approach for improving airflow in your building. The ceiling fans also make the home comfortable all year long. When you want to install the ceiling fans in your home, contact GrandUSA Electric. We have been the market leaders in regards to ceiling fans installation and repair. Therefore, if your ceiling fan is no longer functional, you can contact GrandUSA Electric for speedy repairs. We also replace the broken ceiling fans with brand new functional ceiling fan. Call us now for a quotation on ceiling fans installation.

Fans Installation

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